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May 1, 2024

The CannaBiz Success Show: Pricing, Profitability and Branding Insights from MJ Unpacked’s George Jage

In this not-to-be missed episode, Guillermo connects with George Jage, Cofounder and CEO of MJ Unpacked—one of the industry’s most well-known and best-attended conferences. George discusses complexities of the cannabis industry, including pricing, profitability, and branding. The conversation details the evolution of cannabis consumption, the emergence of fast-acting products, and the significance of social settings in product development. Guillermo and George conclude with the challenges of advertising, the need for industry collaboration, and the potential effects of regulatory changes on investment and interstate commerce—highlighting the importance of advocacy in influencing political decisions and creating a level playing field in the market.

“Cannabis brands really need to be able to create demand for their product from the consumer at the retail level.”

George Jage, MJ Unpacked

Listen and Learn

  • Pricing, profitability, and the evolution of branding in the cannabis industry
  • Impact of regulatory changes on the cannabis industry
  • Trends in cannabis consumption
  • Differences between the retail and branding sides of the cannabis industry
  • Political landscape and advocacy for regulatory changes

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