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At Anders, we take a comprehensive, consultative approach to help you make the most of your financials. We’ll look over every aspect of your personal and business finances from a tax perspective to guide you toward better decisions for your family and business. That’s why we’re here: to help you grow and protect your future.


We work with individuals on a variety of tax planning strategies including:

  • Domestic
  • Expatriate
  • Estates and Trusts
  • State and Local
  • Federal
  • Tax Credits and Incentives
  • Cryptocurrency Taxation

We work with businesses on a variety of tax planning strategies including:

Industries We Work With

No matter the size of your business or your unique tax planning and compliance needs, we have specialists in each of the following industries:

Success Stories

Saved Manufacturer Over $350,000 Through R&D Study

Our manufacturing client had utilized the Research & Experimentation (R&D) tax credit in the past, but our team questioned if they were getting the maximum benefit from their current method of capturing research wages and related costs. By completing a full R&D study, we identified additional wages and supplies that could be included to bolster the client’s R&D credit opportunities for each year of the study. By amending the prior three years of tax returns, our team discovered over $350,000 in additional savings.

Facilitated a Beneficial Restructure of a Building Renewal Lease Agreement

Our client needed to structure and draft a new lease agreement to renew their building lease. We were able to obtain current lease rates in their market and introduce them to a commercial real estate broker to draft the most beneficial lease agreement for them.

Tax Reform Corporate AMT Repeal Saved Client $50,000 in R&D Tax Credits

Under the old tax code, our client was subject to alternative minimum tax (AMT) and could not receive a benefit of research and development (R&D) credits. Once that rule was lifted, we suggested that the client take advantage of R&D credits. We have been able to claim Federal tax credits of nearly $50,000 for the company so far in years one and two.

Performed Cost Segregation Study for Apartment Complexes Resulting in Net Present Value of $415,000

By conducting cost segregation studies on senior living apartment and college apartment developments we netted the developers $415,000 in net present value with the combined cost segregation studies.

Saved Assisted Living Facilities $340,000 in First Year with Cost Segregation Study

By completing a cost segregation study on seven senior living facilities developed and built we saved the developer/investor $340,000 within the first year of operations. The overall net present value of completing the cost segregation studies for these senior living facilities exceeded $2 million for all projects.

Improved Operations, Profitability and Cash Flow of a Restaurant

By reviewing and analyzing the restaurant’s expenditures as a percent of revenue, we were able to benchmark this data to identify operation and cash flow improvements. After implementing operational enhancements and uncovering cash flow shortages, the restaurant was able to lower expenses by $50,000 during the first year and profitability has continued to improve.

Procured Over $3 Million in Economic Incentives for Facility Expansion

A St. Peter’s based manufacturer had a facility expansion that called for the creation of 125 additional jobs, new equipment needs and an ongoing training initiative. We negotiated with the Missouri Department of Economic Development to procure nearly $2,600,000 in benefits from the Missouri Works program, $680,000 in property tax abatement and $100,000 in training grants.

Deferred Tax on Sale of Building Through Like-Kind Exchange and Used Historic Tax Credits on Purchase

Worked with a client on the sale of existing office space and purchase of a new building defer approximately $15,000 of tax on the sale through a like-kind exchange. Additionally, because the new building was located in a historic district, we were able to assist the client through the process of applying for MO Historic Tax Credits related to the planned rehab of their new building.

Secured $2.5 Million in Economic Incentives

Assisted a client with plans of adding jobs, purchasing equipment and expanding their manufacturing facility secure over $2.5 million in economic incentives from state, county and local governments through the Missouri Works program and the Chapter 100 bond process.

Set Up an IC-DISC for Foreign Sales Resulting in Initial $32,000 Tax Savings

We assisted a client with setting up an IC-DISC (C Corporation) because of their substantial sales to foreign customYeah ers. The manufacturing company (S Corporation) calculates a commission based on foreign sales and pays it to the IC-DISC. This provided the S Corporation a deduction from ordinary income. The IC-DISC turned around and paid a dividend to the S Corporation for the same amount, and the IC-Disc pays no tax. The S Corporation reports dividend income taxed at 23.8% versus ordinary income taxed at 39.6%. For this client, that was a tax savings $32,000 in the first year.

Created Trust to Fund Charitable Contributions, Protect Estate

After inheriting a significant amount of money, our client turned to us to help set up a charitable trust. Through the trust, we helped our client make annual charitable donations while removing a significant amount of money from her taxable estate. The trust was funded with low-basis stock, and each year our client sells a portion of these shares to obtain the cash needed for donations. Any capital gains are offset by the trust’s charitable deduction.

Fueled Roth conversion with proactive tax planning

We turned two years of significant business losses into many years of tax savings. Our client was able to convert $400,000 in a traditional IRA to a Roth without paying any tax. The family has already seen substantial tax-free growth in the new account.

Helped Retiring Executive Exercise Stock Options.

Our client, an executive about to retire, needed advice developing a strategy to exercise ISO and NQ options. We helped our client understand the benefits and drawbacks of taking stock options after retirement. We weighed factors like changing tax laws, cash flow concerns and the current tax environment.

Guided clients through tax implications of divorce

We helped our clients and their divorce attorneys through the division of assets, including significant stock options, to minimize the tax impact. We created an option exercise strategy and analyzed the tax basis and AMT basis on which shares of stock would provide the most benefit to each party.

Handled estate planning for terminally ill spouse

Our team worked closely with our client’s attorney and investment advisors to create an estate plan for a terminally ill spouse. This included determining the tax implications of trusts set up for their children, investment decisions and equalization of the estate.

Used Roth IRA Conversion to Reduce Taxes

In 2010, 2011 and 2012, we advised our clients to use Roth IRA conversions to use the current-year losses and resulting lower tax brackets. In addition, the Roth conversions helped our clients avoid creating Net Operating Loss situations.

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