July 10, 2024

The CannaBiz Success Show: The Name of the Game is ‘Pivot’ with Marianne Cursetjee

Marianne Cursetjee, CEO and Co-founder of Alibi Cannabis, joins Guillermo to discuss the challenges of securing land, navigating regulations, and the importance of a focused cannabis business model. Marianne emphasizes the need for federal legalization, improved access to banking, and strategic cultivation practices. The episode concludes with a discussion on industry collaboration, quality standards, and the future potential of the cannabis market.

“We have to remember that we’re at the very beginning of this industry; nobody has ever done what we are doing. And, of course, there’s going to be mistakes, and there’s going to be learning opportunities. But the name of the game is pivot. You’ve got to try things, be willing to be flexible and to understand the market and be able to pivot when things change.”

Marianne Cursetjee, CEO and Co-founder of Alibi Cannabis

Listen and Learn

  • Securing land and property for cannabis cultivation
  • Business model focused on cultivation
  • Challenges of starting a cannabis business and obtaining financing
  • Impact of taxation on cannabis businesses
  • Interstate commerce and its potential impact on the cannabis market
  • Regulatory challenges in the hemp market
  • Collaboration and flexibility in the cannabis and hemp industries
  • Consumer-focused approach and product quality in the cannabis industry

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