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SOC Reports

Verify internal controls of third-party vendors to keep your business protected.

Mitigate Risk by Testing Controls

System and Organization Control for Service Organizations (SOC) reports are designed to help companies get a handle on their service providers’ internal controls and cybersecurity. From SOC 1 to SOC 3, Anders professionals will determine which report is best for you and perform a SOC Readiness Assessment to identify gaps and upgrades needed to keep your company protected.


A SOC 1 report is appropriate when a company has outsourced a key business process to an external service provider. This report focuses on internal controls around transaction processing at the service provider.


A SOC 2 report is perfect for when a business needs to understand the cybersecurity and technology controls in place at a service provider. This report always has cybersecurity at its core but also can include other control areas like privacy or availability.


A SOC 3 report is a smaller, condensed version of a SOC 2. This report is used to show publicly for transparency and marketing.

SOC for Cybersecurity

A SOC for Cybersecurity report verifies a company’s cybersecurity strategy to ensure that they are taking the measures needed to protect themselves against cyber threats.

Type I

Type I reports can be performed for both SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports. Not as desirable as a Type II report, a Type I report indicates the design of the controls is adequate, but the specific controls are not actually tested. A Type I report is issued as of a specific date.

Type II

Type II reports can be performed for both SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports. A Type II report not only indicates the design of the controls is adequate, but the specific controls are tested by the independent CPA firm to verify they are operating effectively.

SOC Readiness Assessments

Before undergoing a full SOC report, a SOC Readiness Assessment can help you understand your controls and benchmarking to get ready for a successful SOC report.

Agreed Upon Procedures

An Agreed Upon Procedures engagement reports findings based on specific procedures agreed upon beforehand. This report essentially tests if your company does what it says it does.

Industries We Work With

No matter the size of your business or your unique SOC report needs, our specialists focus on the following industries and serve others as well:

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