Business Transition Planning

Ensure personal and financial readiness for the next stage of life — whatever, and wherever, that may be.

Align Your Goals and Seamlessly Transition Into the Future

Every business owner has a unique need for business transition planning. The Anders group of Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPAs) focuses on value growth and aligning your business, personal and financial goals. We’ll educate you on all succession planning opportunities, oversee the selected strategy’s development and implementation and act as the “quarterback” on your transition team.

Maximize Business Value

The first step in the business transition planning process is focusing on identifying and building value in your company. We use personalized assessments and analysis to create custom value building strategies that fit the business owner’s goals and needs.

  • Value Drivers Analysis
  • Value Builder Assessments
  • Business Valuations
  • Profit Building Analysis
  • Exit and Succession Plans
  • Keep or Sell Testing
  • Due Diligence for Buyers and Sellers
Create a Personal Financial Plan

Ensuring the business owner is prepared for the financial impacts of transitioning their business is a vital step in the transition process. We work with owners to ensure they have a personal financial plan now and for the future, whether it’s retirement or their next business venture.

  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Personal Needs Assessment
  • Risk Management/Insurance Planning
  • Exit and Succession Plans
  • Charitable Gifting Plans
Develop a Post-Transition Plan

Once a business is transitioned to a new owner, there is post-sale planning that needs to be done. Our advisors ensure the company, the new owner and the transitioning owner are prepared for the future with personalized plans.

  • Business Owner Contingency Plans
  • Exit and Succession Plans
  • Post-Sale Transition Planning
  • Tax and Estate Plans for Business Owners
  • Wealth Transfer Planning

Industries We Work With

No matter the size of your business or your unique business transition planning needs, our specialists focus on the following industries and serve others as well:

Success Stories

Helped Electrical Subcontractor Identify and Facilitate Merger to Complete $400,000 Sale and Business Transition

An electrical subcontractor had planned on finishing contracted jobs and closing the doors. Walking away with the unintended consequence of disrupting employees’ lives seemed to be the only option. The Anders Business Transition Planning team stepped in and first looked into streamlining internal processes to help increase the value of the business. After building the company’s value, we then helped identify other subcontractors looking to get into the local market and evaluated potential offers. Once the owners chose the right fit, we performed a review of the allocation of purchase price, non-compete agreement, earn out terms and the related tax implications to negotiate a purchase and earnout of $400,000.

Saved Sole Practitioner Veterinarian $180,000 in Tax Liability with Business Transition Planning

Our client, a sole practitioner veterinarian, was in the final stages of selling his business when the Anders Business Transition Planning team came in to review the asset purchase agreement. Upon reviewing, we found tax opportunities to benefit the seller and worked with the buyer on the non-competition agreement, asset valuation, inventory estimation and holdback amounts. By helping restructure the sale, we were able to save the client $180,000 in state tax liability.

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