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May 15, 2024

The CannaBiz Success Show: How will the Reschedule Impact Cannabis Businesses? with Zach Huey

Zach Huey, a cannabis business attorney at the Huey Law Firm, joins Guillermo as they discuss the impact of rescheduling on the industry, including effects on operators, investors, and state markets. Zach breaks down the dual market system in Missouri, which is aimed at protecting micro businesses from large operators, and the importance of vetting service providers for trust and transparency. He emphasizes the need for clear communication with investors, regulatory education, and understanding the nuances of the industry for long-term success now that the gold rush era is over, and we’ve entered the “sense” era.

“Because of rescheduling, we’re falling into pharmaceutical concerns now. Are we going to be doing new drug applications? How does this impact the state markets? Is it as simple as ‘280e no longer applies and away we go?’ Or are we looking at new additional federal regulatory burdens in order to gain some of those benefits? What kind of business models are we going to need to be pursuing?”

Zach Huey, Huey Law Firm

Listen and Learn

  • Micro licensing system in the cannabis industry
  • Importance of vetting service providers in the cannabis industry
  • Impact of rescheduling of cannabis on the industry
  • Importance of clear communication and education in the cannabis industry

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