Azure Virtual Desktop Management

Empowering Remote Work

Enable your employees to work securely from anywhere, any time with virtual desktops.

Azure Virtual Desktops

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner and Azure Virtual Desktop Specialist, Anders Technology is able to leverage Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD) to build an environment that enables your employees to access their desktops, applications and data remotely. With a seamless experience, users can easily and securely work from home, in the office, or while traveling. Paired with Microsoft Intune, you’re able to enforce policies, manage apps and set up compliance monitoring across devices so you’re in control.

Automated Onboarding

Growing companies need to be able to onboard employees quickly so they can hit the ground running. We can take this load off of your IT staff by setting up new computers for employees and automating process for new computers, increasing security and productivity. This is essential for companies with multiple locations or remote work environments, so employees can swiftly switch to a new machine without downtime.

Quicker Load Times

If your employees are battling slow load times, it impacts productivity. We help companies cut their downtime by leveraging Azure Virtual Desktops to quickly access databases, systems and platforms across the country or world. This is a great way to speed up access to on-premise systems, databases or even custom developed applications where a cloud option isn’t available.

How We Can Help

Imagine having access to all of the platforms and documents you need to run your business, anywhere, at any time, all at your fingertips. Anders Technology can make that happen. Leveraging Azure Virtual Desktops, our team of technologists help hybrid and remote companies increase productivity and streamline employee onboarding and offboarding all with the power and security of Microsoft.

Support Types

Whether you're just looking to set up your virtual desktops or want to offload the security and management of a fully integrated UEM approach with managed services, Anders Technology can help.

Building Virtual Desktops as a service Icon
Building Azure Virtual Desktops

To build a seamless experience across devices and maintain security controls, our advisors work with businesses like yours to build a Gold Image that enables one background on every employee’s virtual desktop with pre-loaded apps so they can jump into productivity.

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Ongoing Management and Maintenance of Virtual Desktops

We also offer ongoing management of your Azure Virtual Desktops including Gold Image updates and virtual server maintenance. If you’re looking for a fully unified endpoint management approach, we can combine your AVD experience with Microsoft Intune mobile device management.

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Success Stories

Navigating a Seamless Cloud Migration with Zeffert & Associates

““Leading up to the hard rollover, Anders did everything they could do to make the process seamless. And I am happy to report, we unplugged and then plugged back in on a Sunday during our least active time, and on Monday, no one could tell the difference!”

— Jeffrey Promnitz, CEO, Zeffert & Associates

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Delivering a Brighter Future for Sunstar Insurance Group

“Because we were in a growth phase it was overwhelming to try to tackle training, capacity, license organization, and knowledge issues all at once. We needed someone who could help our in-house team increase efficiency and provide support for issues beyond our staff’s capacity to solve at that time.”
— Michelle Price, IT Manager, Sunstar Insurance Group

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