Microsoft Licensing

Less Maintenance, More Productivity

Are you paying for unused Microsoft licenses? It can be a huge task to keep up with licenses for a growing company. Oftentimes, licenses are unknowingly being taken up by past employees or companies are using underutilizing their license level. Anders Technology advisors perform a holistic overview of your Microsoft environment to ensure your licenses and permissions match your business needs and operational goals.

Bundled Pricing

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Anders Technology is able to provide competitive, bundled pricing for the Microsoft tools you need most, including Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, PowerBI and more. Working with Anders Technology, you get more than just access to these platforms, you gain a partner with in-depth expertise to leverage these tools to their full potential.

Only the Licenses You Need

Keeping up with Microsoft licenses for new and exiting employees can be exhausting for your IT team. Anders Technology advisors can manage this for you to make sure all employees have the correct license and report on utilization, so you know you’re not wasting money on unused or underutilized licenses.

Worry-Free Renewals

As your business grows, your Microsoft license level should be able to seamlessly scale with it. Anders Technology advisors can manage your licenses to ensure you’re always on the right level for your goals and expedite renewals without any lapses.

How We Can Help

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, the Anders Technology team has deep knowledge and experience working with every Microsoft license level. Request a consultation for a free, 30-minute analysis of your current license and see if a bundled license would be most cost-effective for your needs.

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