M&A Technology Advisory

Making Technology Part of Due Diligence

Why evaluate technology assets before M&A activity begins?

Financial due diligence tops the priority list when going through a merger or acquisition, but technology due diligence plays a large part in assessing the true value of a company and uncovering problems before they arise.

Continuous Communication

Communication is key to any business, and a merger can create unnecessary lapses in communication for clients and vendors without a professionally managed email migration. 

Data Loss Prevention

Lost data during a merger or acquisition can negatively impact a business’s ability to operate, so it’s important to work with a technology team with experience performing technology due diligence and high-volume migrations.

Simplified Migrations

Navigating high-volume email and data migrations can be overwhelming for a small, internal team, but our advisors can work with you to fill in the skills gaps and make the process seamless.

Seamless Integrations

When merging or acquiring, migrating email addresses, calendars and email systems can be a huge undertaking and a lot is at stake if it isn’t completed correctly. Our goal is to minimize business disruptions so your emails, files and other data is secure and ready to use on day one.

Anders Technology manages migrations during mergers and acquisitions, M&A, to ensure a smoother transition to the cloud or a new domain

How We Can Help

M&A is nothing new to us. While every transaction is unique, we know what to assess during the due diligence process and make actionable recommendations to get you across the finish line. Anders Technology advisors have experience navigating and managing high-volume migrations for medium and large companies to make a seamless experience for both companies.

Success Stories

Navigating a Seamless Cloud Migration with Zeffert & Associates

“Leading up to the hard rollover, Anders did everything they could do to make the process seamless. And I am happy to report, we unplugged and then plugged back in on a Sunday during our least active time, and on Monday, no one could tell the difference!”

— Jeffrey Promnitz, CEO, Zeffert & Associates

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Delivering a Brighter Future for Sunstar Insurance Group

“Because we were in a growth phase it was overwhelming to try to tackle training, capacity, license organization, and knowledge issues all at once. We needed someone who could help our in-house team increase efficiency and provide support for issues beyond our staff’s capacity to solve at that time.”

— Michelle Price, Sunstar IT Manager

See How Anders Helped

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