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AI, Automation and Analytics

Defining AI, Automation and Analytics
for Your Business

Artificial intelligence, automation and data analytics are more than just buzzwords – they’re game-changing solutions that can have major impacts on every aspect of your business and improve your bottom line.  


Can you integrate artificial intelligence into any products or processes?  

“How can we leverage Microsoft Copilot and other AI solutions to get work done quicker and stay ahead of our competition?” 


Are you facing disconnects in your applications, tools and people?  

“How can we spend less time on invoicing each month?”  

Data Analytics

Are you able to make decisions based on data rather than emotions? 

 “I feel like I have the right people, I feel like we’re efficient, I feel like our cash flow is in a good place.” 

How We Can Help

Whether you’re in need of AI integration, automation, data analytics or a combination, Anders Technology advisors can assess your current pain points and offer innovative, customized solutions to meet your needs. We stay on top of the latest platforms, technologies and innovations and do all the vetting for you. You provide us the business challenge, we advise, implement and train you on the low-code solution. No in-house developers required.

Turning Innovation into Action

We help make your data actionable by leveraging innovative tools, bots and AI solutions. By breaking down the data silos in your company, you’re able to make the decisions you need to improve all areas of your business with insight into:

Sales and Revenue Analytics Icon
Sales and Revenue

  • What customers or clients you are making money on, and where you’re losing money 
  • Which products or services are selling 
  • Machine learning for predictive sales 
  • Cash flow forecasting 
  • ROI analysis 
  • Analysis and visuals of your data from platforms such as QuickBooks, Sage, Halo and Excel 
  • Visual, interactive analytics reports using Microsoft Power BI and chatbots 
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Operations Data and Analytics Icon


  • Employee turnover rate 
  • Marketing campaign performance  
  • Customer communication and feedback 
  • Project status and details 
  • Employee productivity and capacity 
  • PTO reporting
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