Device Management

Productivity Meets Security

Enable your employees to work securely from anywhere with a comprehensive unified endpoint management strategy.

PC Deployment and Mobile Devices

We offer end-to-end solutions for PC deployment and mobile device management, starting from procuring and configuring devices to deploying them seamlessly within your organization. Our dedicated support team is here for you through every step of the process, including:

  • Device enrollment for employees
  • Application distribution
  • Security management
  • Policy enforcement

Automated Employee Onboarding

Growing companies need to be able to onboard employees quickly so they can hit the ground running. Regardless of where your employees are located, we can procure and ship their PC directly to them with minimal set up so they can login and access everything they need immediately. This is essential for companies with multiple locations or remote work environments, so employees can swiftly upgrade their phone or get a new PC without downtime.



Microsoft Intune

With Microsoft Intune, you’re able to enforce policies, manage apps and set up compliance monitoring across devices so you’re in control. Leveraging a combination of Azure Virtual Desktops, mobile device management, and PC deployment and management, our unified endpoint management (UEM) approach keeps your data safe and allows for remote control and patching through a single, integrated solution.

How We Can Help

Imagine having access to all of the platforms and documents you need to run your business, anywhere, at any time, all at your fingertips. Anders Technology can make that happen. Our unified endpoint management approach manages and secures all of your company’s mobile devices and traditional PCs, through a single, integrated solution. We can work with you to define and enforce security standards across devices and streamline device setup and configuration for employee onboarding and offboarding.

Support Types

Whether you're just looking to set up your virtual desktops or want to offload the security and management of a fully integrated UEM approach with managed services, Anders Technology can help.

Building Virtual Desktops Infrastructure Icon
Building Microsoft Intune Packages

To build a seamless experience across devices and maintain security controls, our advisors work with businesses like yours to implement standardized app and settings through Microsoft Intune. Whether it’s software installations, security policies, or user preferences, consistency ensures a seamless experience for employees.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Ongoing Maintenance and Management Icon
Ongoing Management of PCs and Devices

Whether it’s software installations, security policies, or user preferences, our ongoing managed services ensure a seamless experience for any updates or changes implemented. If you’re looking for a virtual desktop experience, we can also manage and maintain your Azure Virtual Desktops for powerful collaboration.

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Success Stories

Navigating a Seamless Cloud Migration with Zeffert & Associates

““Leading up to the hard rollover, Anders did everything they could do to make the process seamless. And I am happy to report, we unplugged and then plugged back in on a Sunday during our least active time, and on Monday, no one could tell the difference!”

— Jeffrey Promnitz, CEO, Zeffert & Associates

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Delivering a Brighter Future for Sunstar Insurance Group

“Because we were in a growth phase it was overwhelming to try to tackle training, capacity, license organization, and knowledge issues all at once. We needed someone who could help our in-house team increase efficiency and provide support for issues beyond our staff’s capacity to solve at that time.”
— Michelle Price, IT Manager, Sunstar Insurance Group

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