Protect Against Modern Cyber Threats

Implement a multi-faceted cybersecurity approach with relentless persistence against evolving threats and real-time intelligence. We partner with companies on robust managed services, compliance and cyber insurance to ensure maximum protection. 

Managed Services

At Anders Technology, our cybersecurity strategy revolves around ongoing managed services so we can be a true partner to your business. We’ll work together to assess your network and create a plan to adhere to cybersecurity best practices while increasing security awareness throughout your organization.

Cybersecurity Endpoint Protection, Patching, SOC, Training, Zero Trust App Control, Microsoft 365 solutions and services

Leading-Edge Compliance

Anders Technology understands the cybersecurity recommendations and best practices of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and how to navigate compliance requirements. We also work with companies on compliance with industry-specific cybersecurity regulations, FTC rules, expectations of cyber insurance providers and supply chain requests as needed.

Compliance Preparation, Compliance Requests, Addressing Cybersecurity Deficiencies services and consulting

Cyber Insurance Advisory

Cybersecurity insurance is a must-have for businesses, but it can be a hard landscape to navigate. Anders Technology advisors can work with you to make sure you have the adequate amount of cyber insurance and help you put the necessary safeguards in place to get the best policy and premiums possible. We help companies evaluate options and determine the best fit for their needs and business goals.

Cyber Insurance Policy Evaluation, Requests, Safeguard Implementation consulting services

How We Can Help

Anders Technology has a team of cybersecurity specialists trained to help protect businesses from evolving cyberthreats. With niche and industry-specific expertise, we understand your compliance and security requirements and can develop a personalized strategy that includes employee training, so everyone plays a part in preventing a costly data breach.

Best-in-Class Security Platforms

At Anders Technology, we’re constantly evaluating platforms and evolving cybersecurity techniques so our clients can rest assured they stay protected even when new threats arise. Below are some of the best-in-class platforms we leverage.

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