June 12, 2024

The CannaBiz Success Show: How Will Federal Policy Changes Impact the Cannabis and Hemp Industry?

Leslie Bocskor, CEO and Chairman, Indoor Harvest Corp and Executive Chairman, Electrum Partners, LLC., joins the show, sharing his journey from corporate finance to recognizing the sector’s potential. Bocskor discusses the impact of federal policies, the need for safer banking, and the importance of rescheduling cannabis for industry stability. He highlights the global implications of Germany’s legalization and predicts significant market growth.

“The black-market thriving is hurting the regulated market because people are still buying from black-market operators because they don’t have to deal with licensing, taxes, etc.”

Leslie Bocskor, Indoor Harvest Corp; Electrum Partners, LLC

Listen and Learn

  • Challenges faced by regulated businesses, including tax burdens and lack of access to traditional financing options
  • Impact of federal policies on the industry and the need for leadership to address challenges
  • Need for safer banking and access to capital for cannabis businesses
  • Potential relief provided through changes in federal policies
  • Shifts in markets, such as rescheduling 
  • Importance of industry collaboration and pooling capital to influence policy changes

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