April 3, 2024

The CannaBiz Success Show: Cannabis Business Models for Success

In this episode, Guillermo is joined by Seth Yakatan of Katan Associates for a freewheeling conversation. They discuss Seth’s insights into the world of cannabis financing, different kinds of capital available to cannabis businesses, and the six distinct business models that have the potential to generate revenue in today’s market. Seth discusses what he considers the top players in the cannabis industry, analyzes the Trulieve tax refund bombshell, and offers predictions for the year to come.

“We’ve found six distinct business models, where if you operate correctly, you can generate enough capital to sustain yourself as a business.”

– Seth Yakatan

Listen and Learn:

  • Different kinds of capital available to cannabis businesses
  • The six distinct business models to generate profit in cannabis    
  • Seth’s predictions for 2024 in terms of tax refunds, capital availability, the California cannabis industry and federal rescheduling

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