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January 2, 2024

Anders Celebrates 29 Promoted Employees

Anders proudly recognizes the promotions of 29 employees at the firm. This is the first January promotion cycle at the firm, added in addition to annual promotions each July. The firm is delighted to recognize our promoted employees’ professional achievements, their embodiment of the firm’s core values and their ability to deliver exceptional results for Anders clients.

Audit and Assurance Promotions

Stephen Kohler | Anders CPA

Stephen Kohler – Audit and Assurance Senior Manager

Blake Brinkman | Anders CPA

Blake Brinkman – Audit and Assurance Supervisor

Frey_Jade-530-Edit 4x5

Jade Frey – Audit and Assurance Supervisor

Kailey Johnson

Kailey Johnson – Audit and Assurance Supervisor

Danielle Moulton-Marcus

Danielle Moulton-Marcus – Audit and Assurance Data Coordinator

Compliance Promotions

Sadie Carrera

Sadie Carrera – Compliance Manager

Andrew Feldt | Anders CPA

Andrew Feldt – Loan Review Senior

Theresa Jensen | Anders

Theresa Jensen – Payroll Compliance Senior

Sarah Tinker | Anders

Sarah Tinker – Payroll Compliance Senior

Tax Promotions

Ryan Huff | Anders Tax

Ryan Huff – Tax Principal

Josh Snyder | Anders CPA

Josh Snyder – Tax Principal

Dan Wimberg | Anders CPA

Dan Wimberg – Tax Manager


Joey Bridges – Tax Supervisor


Cole Foster – Tax Supervisor

Julie Poeling | Anders CPA

Julie Poeling ­– Business Accounting Senior Manager

Leigh Reiter – Business Accounting Senior Manager

Agnes Rybak – Business Accounting Supervisor

Virtual CFO Promotions

Ferbet_Cagney-1329-Edit 4x5

Cagney Ferbet – Virtual CFO Manager

Wilson_Jamie Edit 4x5

Jaime Wilson – Virtual CFO Manager

Natalie Horstmann | OAS Accountant

Natalie Schuette – Virtual CFO Supervisor

Skylar Trankle

Skylar Trankle – Virtual CFO Supervisor

Colf_Alyssa Edit 4x5

Alyssa Colf – Virtual CFO Onboarding Manager

Anders would also like to recognize the individuals who were promoted off-cycle for their contributions to the firm.

Mikala Powell – Virtual CFO Onboarding Supervisor

Health Care Promotions

Vindhya Marri | Anders CPA

Vindyha Marri – Senior Health Care Client Relations Consultant

Katie Richter | Anders

Katie Richter – Senior Health Care Client Relations Consultant

Forensic, Valuation and Litigation

Clay Kniepmann | Anders CPA

Clay Kniepmann – Forensic, Valuation and Litigation Principal

Kyle Krahl | Anders CPA

Kyle Krahl – Forensic, Valuation and Litigation Senior Manager

Nick Dall – Forensic, Valuation and Litigation Supervisor

Operations Promotions

Tracy Benton-Felder – Director of Finance

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