Experts at simplifying complex matters.

In the background as investigators and analysts, or on the front lines delivering expert testimony, we have worked with attorneys and clients on business disputes, lost profits, business valuations, fraud investigations, business interruptions, commercial damages, and family law matters.

These are complex, multifaceted engagements that demand expertise. We take the time to understand the issues for each case, and provide the expertise and assistance required in every phase of the project.

Case Studies

Comprehensive examination of corporate inception documents, financial records, and other evidentiary material in connection with the valuation of a major subprime loan broker. Venue:  State Court – St. Louis County, MO

Review financial records in order to trace ownership interests in twenty entities over a twenty-five year period in order to determine marital versus separate ownership percentages for each entity.  Venue: State Court – St. Louis County, MO

Served as joint expert in a family law matter involving the valuation of closely-held businesses in the healthcare and business services industries. Venue: State Court – St. Louis County, MO

Review court records, court cases and interview owner of a phone answering service company in order to opine on the characterization of goodwill as either personal goodwill or enterprise goodwill. Venue: State Court – St. Clair County, IL

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