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April 25, 2024

But Who’s Counting? Season 3 Episode 2: How to Embrace AI and New Technologies to Future-Proof Your Business with Ed Morrissey of Integrity

Artificial intelligence is continuing to advance at an exponential pace, mirroring the advent of the internet in some ways. Like the early days of the internet, some businesses are assuming AI is just a fad that’ll fade with time while others are taking full advantage of this emerging technology to reduce costs while improving efficiency.

Ed Morrissey, Partner and Chief Creative Officer of Integrity Web Consulting, joined co-hosts Dave Hartley and Missy Kelley to talk about the latest advances in generative AI and explain why it’s so critical for businesses to take time to explore and embrace AI applications. The trio also took a detour from AI to discuss how a “holacracy” management framework empowers everyone at Ed’s company into a decision-maker, as well as the following topics:

  • The common mistake business leaders make when trying to innovate their workplace
  • The importance of being leading edge but not “bleeding-edge”
  • Why caution and incremental changes are vital when introducing new technologies
  • How to manage quality control under a holacracy model and why the best workers love the organizational structure
  • Resources to use if you’re interested in exploring AI

“The most successful strategies to adopt new or innovative technologies, take AI for example, begin with incremental changes.”

Ed Morrissey

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