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June 1, 2023

But Who’s Counting? Season 2 Episode 6: Realistic Recruiting Tactics and How Teresa Katubig Took her Hustle to HireLevel

Between a labor shortage and the Great Resignation, hiring and retaining experienced talent has been difficult – and employers are tired. But how can companies find the talent they need while staying true to their culture and values? 

In this episode of But Who’s Counting?, host David E. Hartley met with female founder and HireLevel CEO Teresa Katubig to discuss the ways that leadership can hire, train and take accountability for employees, whether they’re in temporary or permanent positions. The conversation also covered: 

  • Identifying good workers and the one thing you never want to hear from an applicant during the interview 
  • Where workforce demand is dropping 
  • The importance of defining your culture, setting boundaries and sharing expectations 
  • How to build a great employee experience where they understand that they are valued 
  • Attracting and, most importantly, retaining employees – what works and what doesn’t 

In a previous episode of But Who’s Counting, David and Anders Director and Talent Practice Leader Jacques LeBeau discussed ways that employers could survive the Great Resignation by attracting and retaining top talent

What we’re seeing now is not the whole, ‘Just find me somebody.’ That has stopped. What we’re seeing now is, ‘I want three good applicants.’ Don’t go into any hiring in panic mode. It doesn’t bode well.

Teresa Katubig

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