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July 21, 2020

Why Hiring Top Talent Remains a Critical Priority for Every Business

The word “unprecedented” has been used more than ever in the last several months. It has described the rampant spread of the virus, the burden on businesses, the astronomical unemployment numbers and the record number of people working remotely. Businesses have had to shift the way they operate and how they hire and retain employees.

A big push initially was to get companies to retain their staff through Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. Despite those efforts, millions of people suddenly found themselves unemployed. While COVID-19 certainly shook things up, was the economy “unprecedented” even before COVID-19?

Weathering the Storm with the Right Team

Remembering back to pre-pandemic days, the market was incredibly short on talent. Companies were having a real challenge finding skilled talent to maintain the incredible growth and success they were experiencing. Many would say a lot of what was happening then was unprecedented too, such as historically low interest rates, unemployment rates and high demand for goods and services.

Things certainly changed fast, but during that time, we did not magically grow more skilled talent. As we get back on track, customers will come back and companies will need those talented employees again. With the speed of business today, decisions must be made faster in good times and bad. Companies need teams that can help get things done quicker and smarter while being able to pivot at a moment’s notice. The biggest challenge of all may be the fight to find and retain the best people to help weather these fast-moving storms we are likely to see again.

The old model was to lay off and rehire. With a baby-boomer induced short supply, that strategy isn’t an option anymore. It makes more sense to keep the employees you have already trained and developed. Finding and retaining skilled talent should be a higher priority now more than ever.

Finding the Talent You Need

Searching for the right candidate in a sea of resumes can be nearly impossible, especially when you’re focusing on how to get your business past a pandemic. Instead of waiting for your next employee of the month to knock on your door, our talent advisors can bring them to you. Anders Talent works with businesses to make hiring the right accounting person seamless. We can handle everything from interview coordination to offer and acceptance negation and everything in between.

Anders Talent can help you attract and find the best people to match your business’s unique needs. We are in touch with the demand for finance and accounting talent and can help you navigate today’s hiring and recruiting processes. Learn more about Anders Talent or contact an Anders advisor below to learn more.

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