March 11, 2022

But Who’s Counting? Episode 2: From Business Recovery to Business Expansion in 2022 with Paul Rhea

With the ongoing pandemic and businesses moving towards expansion after spending the past few years in survival mode, do you have a trusted advisor to navigate the changes? In the second episode of the But Who’s Counting? podcast, host David E. Hartley speaks with Anders Director + Strategic Growth, Paul Rhea, about details of business survival, business recovery and business expansion in 2022, including:

  • What businesses can do to still take advantage of loan forgiveness
  • The importance of finding a reliable advisor/banker to navigate pandemic related complex loans
  • How being proactive with your banker can lead to a more transparent relationship
  • Tapping into the influx of cash in the current lending environment
  • How to make your business more “bankable”

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About But Who’s Counting?

A brand new podcast brought to you by Anders CPAs + Advisors, But Who’s Counting? is designed to provide real-world takeaways and examples of how business owners and C-suite executives can improve areas of their business. Podcast host and Anders Partner and Director + Advisory, David E. Hartley, sits down with fellow advisors and subject matter experts to share what they’re seeing in the marketplace and actionable advice business leaders can use to empower growth today and in the future.

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