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Event Date: Wednesday, June 26 at 10:00 am CT

WEBINAR | Steer Clear of These Common Errors in Adverse Action and Loan Servicing

Wednesday, June 26 at 10:00 am CT

Avoid regulatory risks from adverse action notices and resolve loan servicing errors before they negatively impact your organization

Errors in your adverse action or loan servicing procedures can negatively impact your financial institution’s relationship and reputation with borrowers. These errors can also lead to increased regulatory risks, hefty fines and even lawsuits. To help prevent these consequences from affecting your institution, the Anders Banking and Financial Institutions team will share valuable information and practical insights to ensure fewer costly errors.

The Anders Banking and Financial Institutions team is excited to continue our quarterly webinar series to educate banks and credit unions on how evolving regulations and compliance requirements impact functions of the industry today and in the future. 

Get Ready to Learn:

  • Why it’s time to revisit your adverse action program and assess your policies and procedures 
  • Tips on beginning a review or audit process for your adverse action programs 
  • The importance of timeliness when correcting loan servicing errors identified by borrowers 
  • The difference between procedures for force placing hazard and flood insurance  
  • Requirements for closing an escrow account  
  • When your organization needs to make ARM rate and payment change notices  
  • Payment Processing Procedures and why they matter 
  • Who is a “large servicer” and what that means 

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