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May 22, 2019

Banking on the Blues: How the St. Louis Economy Could Benefit from the Stanley Cup Finals

The St. Louis Blues are in the midst of a historic run toward Lord Stanley’s Cup. This is especially exciting for St. Louisans as the Blues were in dead last in the NHL as 2018 turned to 2019 with talk of personnel changes. Luckily, due to a few different factors, the Blues turned the season around and became a favorite for the Cup.

Economic Impact on St. Louis

The turnaround is fantastic for Blues players, the organization and the Cup-thirsty fan base – but the economic impact on the St. Louis region may be the biggest winner of all.

Many estimates of a run through the Stanley Cup finals start with lofty numbers of a $50 million dollar impact on the region. This number stems from projected revenue from tickets, merchandise, hotel, restaurant and bar sales, among others, during the finals. Given the drought Blues fans have waited through and the amazing path to get here, it’s possible the impact could be even higher.

Hopefully, we see the Cup hoisted by the Blues and a long overdue parade down Market Street celebrating a team, a Cup, an economic boon and a region’s professional sports return to prominence.

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