January 14, 2019

Proactive Plays Make for a Winning Relationship with the St. Louis Surge

The Situation

The St. Louis Surge is St. Louis, Missouri’s professional women’s basketball team. In 2019, the team begins its eighth season with five Regional Championships and two National Championships under its belt.

Suffice it to say that the Owner and General Manager, Khalia Collier, who purchased the elite team in 2011, commits herself 110% to success.  A pioneer and trailblazer, Collier has taken on the challenge of building the first sustainable women’s franchise in St. Louis. In addition to this full-time job, she also leads the Saint Louis University Institute for Private Business. In both of these roles, Collier meets a lot of interesting people. That is, in fact, how she met Donna Erbs, CMO at Anders CPAs + Advisors.

The Challenges

When Collier met Erbs, she was already engaged with another accounting firm.

“And that relationship was…fine; the things that needed to get done were getting done,” said Collier. “But I had questions and I needed help navigating specific challenges.”

Collier didn’t feel that she could approach her former firm for consultative advice. That’s when Erbs assumed a role on an advisory board for The Surge—and Collier got to see first-hand how the professionals at Anders work.

“Donna would throw out some ideas that really helped jumpstart our grassroots marketing efforts and our conversations extended to growing this franchise, this business,” she said. “She didn’t try to sell me, she tried to help me—and that’s when I knew.”

The Solution

This year marks Collier’s fourth year as an Anders client. She says that because Anders understands sports as a business, she is challenged regularly by accountants whom she is now comfortable calling advisors.

“Anders helps me frame ideas in different ways and provides me with the information I need to make the best decision possible,” she says.

When she was debating a financing issue a few years ago, her Anders team collaborated with their colleagues to provide her with the pros and cons of each option.

“I felt educated by a team of consultants who want the best for me and my business.”

Collier also likes the fact that Anders understands her franchise is unique, but at its core, it is a business just like other businesses.

“And like other businesses, I need strategies to grow and scale,” she adds.

The Results

Anders has helped Collier both scale and grow The Surge. Under her leadership, the franchise continues to build championship programs each year, attracting post-graduate players from diverse basketball backgrounds. According to Collier, revenue has increased as well.

“Since I became an Anders’ client, I’ve seen a 20% revenue increase year-over-year,” she shared. “Next year, I’m anticipating a 30% increase.”

It is their proactive guidance and advisory function that continues to impress Collier—and is the reason she refers so many other professionals to the firm.

“I make decisions based on people—and the people here at Anders are helping me grow in a strategic way that feels right for me, for the franchise, and for our community.”

Learn more about the St. Louis Surge or the Anders Women’s Initiative.

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