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401(k) Audits

401(k) plans are governed by ever-changing rules and regulations issued by Congress, the IRS, DOL, ERISA, and the Social Security Administration. Our 401(k) auditors have years of experience and perform over 300 audits annually.

We Specialize in 401(k) Audits

An incomplete, late, or inadequate 401(k) audit report may result in significant penalties and plan termination. Our standard, 6-phase 401(k) audit process is comprehensive, performed virtually and on your schedule. 

401(k) Audit Process and Documentation

Our standard, 6-phase workstream process is comprehensive. Our audit team is detailed and experienced in guiding our clients through every complexity within a 401(k) audit including helping to collect and organize the multiple documents required including: 

  • Bank statements showing plan deferrals and company contributions made to the Trust
  • Information questionnaires
  • Current year census
  • Plan document, adoption agreement, and all amendments
  • IRS determination letter or opinion letter
  • Type ll SOC l Report, formerly SAS 70 report
  • Summary plan description
  • List of all parties in interest.
  • Discrimination test results and detailed schedules
  • Form 5500 with all supporting schedules
  • Distribution forms for selected distributions during the Plan year
  • Loan documents for selected participant loans
  • A schedule of deposits to the Plan on a pay period basic
  • Forms W-2 or other annual payroll registers and reports
  • Form 1099 for distributions
  • Certification report from the Plan custodian
  • Participant statements and Plan Trust reports including detailed schedules 

View the detailed roadmap of our 6-phase audit process, or see it in action below:


401(k) Audit Pricing

Use our 401(k) Audit Quoter to determine pricing.

Our pricing policy is fixed. Your quote is not an estimate.

  • We use specific criteria to itemize a set price.
  • The quote you receive is guaranteed, promising no hidden costs or miscellaneous fees. 
  • The fee structure for ERISA Section 103(a)(3)(C) audits range as low as $11,700 for plans that fall below 500 participants to as high as $13,500 for plans that fall between the range of 1,000 and 1,500 participants.
  • Plans with greater than 1,500 participants are determined on a case-by-case basis.  
401(k) Audit Guide

The complexity of 401(k) plan audits can be overwhelming for first time clients so we’ve created a thorough 401(k) audit guide to explain every aspect of the process. The guide includes:

  • A complete listing of our offerings
  • A detailed breakdown of our 401(k) audit process
  • A comprehensive list of all documents needed to perform your 401(k) audit
  • A pricing breakdown with notable exceptions

Download the guide.

Free 401(k) Audit Consultations

How much does a 401(k) audit cost? What documents are needed to get started? Our free audit consultation service can help to determine next steps.

How can Anders help?

No matter the size or industry of your business, our 401(k) audit team is here to help. What are your 401(k) audit needs?

  • Help to determine if you are required to have a 401(k) plan audit.
  • Help to determine your 401(k) audit requirements per the rules and regulations of your 401(k) plan.
  • An experienced auditor that can work with your third-party administrator.
  • Quick turnaround to enable timely filing of form 5500.
  • 403(b) Audit service for your nonprofit.

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