Anders is proud to stand alongside 200 global firms as part of the Leading Edge Alliance.

Our affiliation with the Leading Edge Alliance allows us to serve you on a global scale, covering all industries and specialties. So as your business grows or you venture into new territory, we’re right there with you, providing the same level of seamless service you expect from Anders.

Leading Edge Alliance - St Louis CPA

Are you exploring equipment or real estate acquisitions in Oklahoma, Oregon, Ohio or anywhere else? We’ve got you covered, providing the broad-based industry expertise you need no matter where you go.

Looking at an international expansion? We’ll provide the guidance to make it happen, giving you local advice on a global scale.

The Leading Edge Alliance is one of the largest international associations of independent accounting firms, bringing together more than 1,600 experienced partners and 23,500 staff members from 450 firms around the globe. Member firms’ annual revenues range from $10 million to $100 million annually – with combined revenue of more than $2.5 billion.

Each firm in the Leading Edge Alliance is built with entrepreneurial spirit and a focus on community – the same spirit and focus you see at Anders. The alliance, in turn, gives its members the chance to offer clients international scope while maintaining strong local ties and commitments.

The Leading Edge Alliance is built on the power of shared expertise, bringing together the best and brightest business and financial advisors. The result is the world’s most powerful network of professionals, creating breakthrough solutions for clients.

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