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February 16, 2023

What You Should Consider When Renewing Your Microsoft 365 Business License

Before renewing your Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise license, take the time to consider how your business needs may change over the course of the year and the technology solutions that can be implemented to mitigate the previous year’s pain points. Evaluate your plans for the upcoming year: do you expect your organization to grow, or are you expecting to make staffing cuts? These considerations can guide you in selecting the best M365 license for your organization.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • Take the size of your organization into account when renewing your license: whether you expect to grow or shrink could determine if you select a month-to-month or 12-month annual subscription 
  • Selecting a month-to-month subscription can allow your business to test specific features for a limited period without committing for an entire year 
  • Adding additional security features by upgrading your M365 license can help your business anticipate and prevent potential security breaches 
  • The size of your user list can add time to your plan upgrade, as can other factors 

Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise licenses must be renewed annually, but numerous variables should be considered before blindly renewing the same M365 license you used the year before. In that time, many things may have changed for your company that could affect the features you need or the number of licenses your users will require. You may also have updated your plan for 2023, leaving you with different technology needs. Before renewing, examine the following questions thoroughly. 

Is Your Company Growing or Shrinking? 

Since renewing your Microsoft 365 license the year before, has your company grown or shrunk? Do you expect that growth or shrinkage to continue in 2023? If you are reducing the number of staff, you may want to consider selecting a month-to-month subscription rather than a 12-month subscription to give yourself more flexibility to cancel licenses as needed. If your company is experiencing a period of growth, consider an annual subscription which cost 20% less than a monthly subscription. 

Would You Like to Test New Features? 

If your company is interested in testing new features, signing up for a month-to-month plan can help you try them out without fully committing to them. For instance, if you are exploring different telephone options, you might purchase a Teams Calling license. If, after a month or two, you find that you’d rather keep your landline plan, you can opt out of the Teams Calling license rather than renew it for another month, giving you more flexibility over operational decisions.  

Understanding your unique business needs and the technology needed to implement your vision is a specialty of the Anders Technology group. Contact Anders below to connect with a technology advisor.

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