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March 2, 2017

What Taxpayers Need to Know Before Contacting the IRS at Tax Time

If you have questions about your tax return, contacting the IRS during tax time can be difficult and time consuming. Here are some tips in the event you feel you need to contact them.

Try to avoid a call. The IRS website is loaded with information, and the answer to your question might be found by simply using their search tool. It also has a helpful feature called “Where’s My Refund?” which allows a taxpayer to track his or her refund for a return that’s already been filed. The IRS recommends that taxpayers use this tool before making an attempt to call.

If you must call, be prepared. The IRS recommends that the taxpayer have certain information handy if they have to call about a personal tax account:

  • Social Security numbers and birthdays for everyone listed on the return, or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number for those without a social security number
  • The filing status you claimed on your return
  • A copy of the prior year’s return, this could be used to help verify identity as well
  • A copy of the current year’s return
  • Any letters or notices received from the IRS, if applicable

The IRS has heightened their security against identity theft in recent years, and not being able to produce the correct answers to their questions about a taxpayer’s identity could halt a call and force the taxpayer to have to call back another time.

Ideally, a taxpayer files his or her return and promptly receives a refund without any issues. Unfortunately, the process cannot always be that easy. Given the volume of returns the IRS receives over the course of a few months, missteps are bound to happen. Applying the tips above will help any taxpayer clear up their issue with the IRS as quickly as possible. Contact an Anders advisor with any questions.

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