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June 22, 2017

Staying Ahead with Cloud Technology

Moving technology to the cloud can help businesses of all sizes utilize IT more effectively. Whether you want to access reports in real-time, allow your team to work remotely, or if you’re looking for a higher level of security, cloud technology aligns with your business goals. Minimizing capital expense, increasing security and productivity and simplifying IT management are a few of the ways your business can benefit from converting to the cloud.

Minimize: Capital Expense

Cloud technology is an approach which should be viewed as a predictable operational expense as opposed to one capital expense. When creating a business plan and meeting with the Cap Ex committee, this method will prove to be more cost-effective. As your business grows, you will see there is no longer a need for additional IT capital expenditures. This allows companies to keep more money in their pockets or spend in other areas of the business. The cloud provides the flexibility of adding or reducing services as your company grows, so you only pay for the capacity you use. The cloud gives you enterprise IT systems on a budget any business can afford.

Fortify: Security and Compliance

When implementing a Microsoft Cloud solution, a business can rest assured that the data stored within Microsoft environment is protected with Enterprise level security. Additional layers of security ensure organizations are secure and compliant within their own environment.  The Microsoft Cloud offers IT systems that can help with compliance and regulatory requirements.

Optimize: Productivity

When implementing a suite of cloud products, such as Office 365, the applications are meant to work together, which increases employee productivity. The cloud offers collaboration opportunities for employees to store, organize and share data. The applications are designed to help you achieve more. Connect all of your data from different systems through the cloud for one view of your business.

Decision makers now have access to immediate data at their fingertips to make educated business decisions.

Simplify: IT Management

In the cloud, running an IT environment becomes much more manageable and less of a risk. Almost immediately you will notice the solution begins to free up the resources on your team and allow them to focus on the core competencies of their occupation and less on secondary roles. This becomes possible as the risk of infrastructure malfunctions and disruptions are removed and any risks and responsibilities are transferred to Microsoft.

Cloud technology solutions can help an organization stay ahead of the competition by increasing performance and productivity while remaining secure and managing costs. Anders Technology Services can help transition your technology into the cloud seamlessly. Contact Anders for more information on reaping the benefits of cloud technology.

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