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January 2, 2024

St. Louis Inno Partnership: What Investors Look for in Each Funding Phase

To improve your performance in front of investors, startup founders must fully understand the purpose of each funding phase and how to pitch at every stage. Although it may seem complex and daunting, knowing when you’re ready for the next stage of fundraising, the goals your business should meet during the process and how to prepare your presentation can help you secure funding. Anders tax principal and a leader of the firm’s startup practice Josh Snyder, CPA, wrote for the St. Louis Business Journal INNO platform to share advice with startups to help guide them through the process.

Josh explains how a startup’s goals interact with the different fundraising stages, how best to prepare for each one and the timeframe a startup should give itself to prepare for due diligence at every level. He writes, in part,

“Investors aren’t just looking for great ideas. They want to see evidence that your business model is sound, that you have detailed plans for expanding your operations and you have a comprehensive strategy to deploy the funds you’re requesting.”

Learn more about each stage in the fundraising process, and actionable advice founders can use to prepare, in the full article: Startup Fundraising 101: What Investors Look for in Each Funding Phase.

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