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July 20, 2023

But Who’s Counting? Season 2 Episode 8: Splashing into the Startup Scene with a Traditional Business Skillset with Jane-Ellis Griggs of Summersalt

Moving from a role in a traditional business to a startup can take some adjustments, but learning how to automate, integrate and build a team from the ground up can empower those who make the switch.  

On this episode of the But Who’s Counting? podcast, host Dave Hartley sits down with Jane-Ellis Griggs, the VP of Finance and Operations at St. Louis startup turned bestselling sustainable swimwear brand Summersalt.  Jane-Ellis shares Summersalt’s origin story including a life-changing meal at Chipotle and why she made the drastic career transition from a corporate workplace to a startup. She also divulges how her background in public accounting built a foundation for setting processes and becoming a subject matter expert. The two also discussed: 

  • How Summersalt is helping to redefine beauty 
  • What it takes to build a finance and accounting team from the ground up 
  • What startups and large companies alike should consider when selecting a new platform for their tech stacks 
  • Lessons on integration and automation for lean teams 

“Rehearsing your successes and your wins and always taking a step back to really celebrate the whole trajectory of what you’re accomplishing is really important.”

Jane-Ellis Griggs

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