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March 10, 2020

Is Your Company Equipped to Implement a Work from Home Policy? Take the Remote Work Technology Assessment

Is your company prepared to support the imminent demand for remote work options caused by the coronavirus? Take this quick Remote Work Assessment to identify potential issues in your technology environment and avoid problems later when deploying a Work from Home (WFH) policy.

Employee Connectivity

  • Do employees have laptops they can take home?
  • For those with a laptop, is a VPN client installed and operating?
  • Are employees trained on connecting to the VPN on their company laptop?

Technology Infrastructure

  • Are company firewalls and/or VPN concentrators adequately sized to facilitate our entire workforce working from home?
  • Is the Internet bandwidth adequate to support our employees working from home as they are connected into the office?
  • Remote work will spur the need for employees to collaborate via video. Is the technology infrastructure adequate to support video conferencing?
  • Do employees have adequate home internet for working via VPN?
  • Do we have an adequate number of VPN licenses available?
  • Does our company have enough licenses for our remote services (e.g., LogMeIn, WebEx, RDP)?

Technology Support

  • Do we have enough technology support to assist employees with working from home?
  • What equipment is necessary for technology to provide to employees? Hotspots? Monitors? Laptops? Peripherals?
  • How quickly can our technology staff deploy solutions to meet the urgent needs of our employees?


  • Do we support employees performing company work on personal devices? Does a policy exist governing the use of personal devices?
  • Is two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled on all connections and/or services?
  • Is the company firewall configured properly for allowing in employees but keeping out hackers?
  • Have we trained our employees in cyber threats so they can identify phishing scams?

Anders Technology embraces a proactive business-focused approach to keep clients one step ahead. Our technology solutions prepare companies to maintain employee productivity while enabling employees to home to Work from Home (WFH) while performing their duties. Contact an Anders advisor today to learn more.

Learn how Microsoft Teams can help implement Work from Home (WFH) capabilities and the Top 5 Ways Your Business Can Leverage Technology for Remote Work.

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