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September 19, 2017

Protecting Your Company from Cybersecurity Threats with Unified Threat Management (UTM)

As technology continues to advance, cyber-criminals and IT security services are in a constant battle to overcome one another. To gain the upper hand against threats, it takes multiple layers of security defenses to protect your business’s network. Unified threat management (UTM) firewall appliances offer the benefits of several security safeguards all in one manageable device, giving companies a good start to a layered security approach.

How UTM services work together to protect your business

  • Network Intrusion Detection – Scans the traffic entering and leaving your network and alerts IT administrators of detected threats
  • Network Intrusion Prevention – Immediately responds to prevent or block the threat
  • Content-Control – Increases security by allowing IT administrators to monitor and control web and email activity
  • Application Control – Lets IT administrators allow, block or restrict each user’s application access
  • Spam Prevention – Provides protection against spam and phishing attempts
  • Anti-Virus – Identifies known viruses, ransomware, trojans, keyloggers, spyware, botnets and other threats while tracking suspicious actions to block newly developed threats
  • Data Loss Prevention – Protects against data breaches by monitoring, detecting and preventing confidential information from leaving your network
  • Geographic location blocking (GeoIP) – Can block access to sites in countries known to have high cybercriminal activity

Implementing a UTM device into your network

There are many UTM application options available. Our team of technology advisors can help you purchase a UTM device best suited to your company’s security needs. We can also provide IT Administrator services to ensure your UTM device is properly managed. Contact Anders to learn more about UTM devices and other recommended security solutions, or learn more about Anders Technology Services.

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