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March 19, 2019

How to Protect Your Network After the Microsoft Windows 7 End of Life

Microsoft is ending extended support for many of their outdated products and services through their End of Life Program, including the Windows 7 Operating System. Starting January 14, 2020, businesses with Windows 7 machines in their network will be leaving their data at risk of cybersecurity attacks if they don’t have a plan.

What will happen to Windows 7 after it goes End of Life?

After January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will continue to work, but it will no longer receive security updates. All of the devices running on Windows 7 and the information on them are open to a cybersecurity attack, exploitation and data theft.

What are your options?

Upgrading your Windows 7 on existing hardware could be a solution if you have newer equipment. However, with the expected lifespan of a workstation being 3 to 5 years, it may be more cost efficient to replace the workstation versus upgrading your existing. Finding the cost benefit of buying new versus upgrading is something the Anders Technology Services Team can help you with.

Is Microsoft 365 right for you?

You have many different options for moving to Windows 10 and utilizing Azure and Office 365.  Since Office 2010 is going End of Life the same time as Windows 7, it may be beneficial to transition straight to the Microsoft 365 license. This license includes everything you need to protect your business while working and collaborating more efficiently with access to all of the Office 365 product lines. The Microsoft 365 license includes five fully installable versions for your PCs or laptops, Enterprise Mobility Suites, Advanced Threat Protection with an email spam filter, as well as Autopilot to manage all of your Windows 10 desktops and applications in one location. The Anders Technology Services Group can help look into options to decide the best plan for your business. Contact an Anders advisor to learn more.

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