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October 6, 2020

Harnessing Microsoft Intune and Autopilot to Work Better from Anywhere

In the days of social distancing and remote working, flexibility is more important than ever. Businesses that excel at finding ways to not just work remotely, but to work better remotely have a significant advantage over their competition, both during the coronavirus pandemic and afterwards. 

Companies are now trying methods that they never would have considered a few months ago. Anders Technology has used this as an opportunity to automate processes in a remote, contact-less environment using Microsoft® Intune and Autopilot.

The Power of Microsoft Intune: Configuring Computers Remotely

Many small and medium-sized businesses rely on a small but dedicated helpdesk staff to care for their internal technology. The helpdesk performs jobs like installing new software and configuring PC settings at the user’s desk or via remote control software. With Microsoft Intune, many of these tasks can be performed completely automatically and in bulk, freeing the helpdesk staff to handle more difficult problems. 

Example Using Intune

With Intune user groups, it’s possible to roll out a mass update. For example, if you want every member of your front-line staff to get the Teams app installed wherever the user logs in. Or if you want to ensure that Acrobat Reader is always installed on all machines in your company.  With Intune, it only takes a few minutes to set it up.

It’s also possible to have personalized configurations. For example, if you want all of your C-Suite staff’s devices to be encrypted. Or if you want to force a OneDrive backup policy for all of your HR employees. These types of custom or company-wide configurations can be easily set up and managed to provide the flexibility and security you need.

The Magic of Microsoft Autopilot: Contact-Less Deployment of New Computers

In the short term, most businesses are concerned with just getting by remotely, and haven’t considered how to deploy new hardware when it may be unsafe for users to visit the office.  In the past, configuring a new PC was a long, hands-on affair that required hours of personal attention from a from a trained technician before it ever landed on a user’s desk.

Example Using Autopilot

With Microsoft Autopilot, it’s possible to deliver a brand new PC, fully customized and configured to a specific user without ever touching it. In fact, you can have the device shipped directly from the manufacturer to your business. All the user needs to do is plug it in and login, and all of their apps and files will show up. I assure you it’s not magic. It’s Microsoft Autopilot, used in conjunction with Azure and Intune technologies.

The backend configuration of Intune and Autopilot can be very complicated, but the frontend benefits are extremely valuable to businesses. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Anders Technology has expertise and experience in these powerful technologies.  We can gauge and understand the unique needs of your business and design technology solutions that work flexibly, securely and in a cost-efficient manner. Contact an Anders advisor below to discuss your technology goals and how we can simplify your IT infrastructure by harnessing the power of Microsoft.

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