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April 3, 2017

Last Minute Tax Email Scam Targeting Businesses

A dangerous email tax scam is targeting employers across the country, including businesses, school districts and not-for-profit organizations. Scammers are using information from employee Forms W-2 to file fraudulent tax returns.

This particular scam is harder to spot, because they are not impersonating an IRS official asking for sensitive information. To obtain confidential employee information such as W-2’s and social security numbers, scammers disguise themselves as internal executives of the organization. They send email requests to payroll and human resource departments, often including a personal salutation to seem credible. The scammers then use employee information to file fraudulent returns in their names.

Reporting Tax Scams

If your organization has fallen victim to a tax scam, it’s important to report it quickly. Employers and payroll service providers can report any data losses related to the W-2 scam. If notified in time, the IRS can take steps to prevent employees from identity theft. Learn how to report a data loss to the IRS.

Ramping up protection from tax scams for yourself and your organization is vital during tax time. Contact an Anders advisor to discuss how you can prevent falling victim to tax scams.

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