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December 20, 2022

Forbes Names Anders One of America’s Best Tax and Accounting Firms

For the fourth year in a row, Anders has been named to Forbes’ America’s Best Tax and Accounting Firms List for 2023. With thousands of firms recommended in tax and accounting, Anders is one of 160 firms in the country to be named on both lists. Anders is also one of only four firms headquartered in Missouri and one of two in St. Louis to make both lists.

Forbes partners with market research company Statista to create the list of the most recommended firms for tax and accounting services in the U.S. based on surveys of tax and accounting professionals and their clients. The firms that received the most recommendations were included on the list.  Approximately 4,500 recommendations were considered in the final analysis.

According to Forbes, in any normal year, an accounting or tax firm is a combination financial expert, compliance high-wire walker, strategist, strategic genius, therapist, and factotum extraordinaire. This is not a normal year. Coming in from the heights are the pandemic and ongoing supply chain issues, labor shortages, tax changes still to be seen from the 2017 code revamp, technology exploding apace, international war, energy shortages, growing climate change threats, and domestic political storms. Keeping a business, and personal financial life, on keel is far harder than usual. You need an honest sounding board for both, and Forbes’ list of America’s Best Tax and Accounting Firms is a great place to start.

Read the full list of Forbes’ America’s Best Tax and Accounting Firms for 2023.

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