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May 23, 2024

But Who’s Counting? Season 3 Episode 3: Investing in Your Organizational Health for a More Innovative Workplace with Liz Hughes of The Table Group

Fostering a healthy workplace creates an environment where the best, smartest ideas can flourish. What are the signs of a healthy workplace and how can leadership create an atmosphere where constructive debate leads to better results? A healthy organization minimizes the corporate politics that restrict innovation, promoting honest, yet difficult, conversations and debates centered on reaching the best ideas. Creating strategic alignment not only within your leadership teams but throughout your organization is an entry point, but it requires commitment at every level.

But Who’s Counting? hosts Dave Hartley and Missy Kelley welcomed Liz Hughes, Principal Consultant at The Table Group. Liz coaches executives to align their teams behaviorally and strategically, helping them achieve organizational clarity while building trust and understanding that improves team cohesion. The discussion also touched on strategies to improve meeting efficiency, recognizing obstacles to innovation and the following:

  • How to establish vulnerability-based trust to cultivate an environment where your people are comfortable innovating and sharing ideas
  • The difference and benefits of tactical vs. strategic meetings
  • Key indicators of organizational health
  • Why establishing trust is harder for remote teams
  • The four disciplines of organizational health

“Something that really can foster innovation is when you have a healthy, ideological culture of debate [and] robust dialogue [where] all ideas can be heard.”

Liz Hughes

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