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April 20, 2023

But Who’s Counting? Season 2 Episode 4: How to Lead with Passion, Purpose and Urgency with Jeffrey Promnitz of Zeffert & Associates

Leading an organization is filled with challenges, particularly over the course of a merger or acquisition. Business leaders must balance the creation of new processes and the introduction of new policies with maintaining the same qualities that drew them to acquire that business in the first place.

But Who’s Counting? host David E. Hartley sat down with Jeffrey Promnitz of Zeffert & Associates to discuss practicing effective leadership, the “secret sauce” to constructive goal setting and how to develop a “pyramid of purpose” to help guide decision-making so it aligns with your organization’s overall goals. This episode also includes the following insights:

  • How recognizing your own weaknesses helps humanize yourself in your employees’ eyes, allowing you to forge and maintain meaningful relationships 
  • The importance of gaining the trust and loyalty of employees during an acquisition or merger before implementing process changes
  • Taking the opportunity presented during acquisition to transform for the better
  • Identifying the diverse group of skillsets of a group of employees and how to use that knowledge to determine who plays what role
  • How to balance the patience necessary to complete a merger or acquisition with the sense of urgency needed to become the best and the fastest at what you do

Storytelling is probably one of the most important skills that I would recommend to any leader in any business…Your employees are going to not only understand what they’re doing, but WHY they’re doing it.” 

Jeffrey Promnitz

About Zeffert & Associates

Zeffert & Associates partners with property managers, owners, syndicators, housing authorities and state agencies to certify affordable housing compliance. Zeffert ensures properties are decent, safe and sanitary by providing inspection services and quickly reviews files to get families moved into homes. 

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