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June 23, 2022

But Who’s Counting? Episode 8: Embracing Innovation by Partnering with Startups

The startup ecosystem is booming with opportunities for businesses to invest in innovation. In the eighth episode of the But Who’s Counting? podcast, host David E. Hartley speaks with Anders Partner + Tax, Dave Finklang, former pilot-turned-startup-guru, to talk about why and how companies should bet on early-stage companies. Several topics are covered including:

  • How partnering with startups can jump-start innovation for established businesses
  • Common misconceptions about startups working with larger companies
  • How to get involved in the startup ecosystem to identify opportunities to partner or acquire
  • What companies should consider before trying to acquire a startup

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About But Who’s Counting?

A brand new podcast brought to you by Anders CPAs + Advisors, But Who’s Counting? is designed to provide real-world takeaways and examples of how business owners and C-suite executives can improve areas of their business. Podcast host and Anders Partner and Director + Advisory, David E. Hartley, sits down with fellow advisors and subject matter experts to share what they’re seeing in the marketplace and actionable advice business leaders can use to empower growth today and in the future.

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