June 20, 2024

But Who’s Counting? Podcast: The Business of Baseball – How America’s Pastime Drives Innovation with Bill DeWitt of the St. Louis Cardinals

The speed of innovation and technological advances over the past decade has been transformative for all businesses, 100-year-old companies and growing startups alike. Baseball’s storied history in America has played a huge role in its popularity, but like any other business, it’s had to evolve to keep up with technology and customer expectations.

St. Louis Cardinals President Bill DeWitt III and the MLB understood that their audience and their expectations were changing, and competition for entertainment was mounting due to smartphones, among other catalysts. This presented a unique challenge and opportunity for the game of baseball to adapt while remaining true to its beloved traditions.

But Who’s Counting? hosts Dave Hartley and Missy Kelley sat down with Bill to discuss his tenure with the Cardinals and what prompted changes to the game in 2023. They dig into the impact of technology on the game for fans and players, as well as:

  • The role of data analytics in driving a better fan experience and operational improvements
  • Why it’s important to experiment with big changes before implementing
  • Why diversifying, both to cater to different audiences and in revenue streams, ultimately creates more satisfying experiences
  • How technology has affected the game and the business
  • The link between creativity and innovation

That’s what baseball’s insight was: how you frame the problem and how you communicate with fans who are so passionate about the game so that they understand that we’re trying to create a better version of the game. It was a goal, a North Star, to find the best version of the game itself, and that appeals pretty much to everybody.

Bill DeWitt III

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