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November 8, 2018

Anders Tax, Audit and Technology Advisors Mentor 3rd Place Team for TrueUp’s Blockchain Challenge

Tax senior manager Lucas A. Luckett, CPA/PFS, CPA, audit supervisor Brian C. Loose, CPA and technology systems engineer Alex P. Grosse, VMTSP mentored the third-place team in the first-ever 2018 Blockchain Challenge for Accountants. The competition was hosted by TrueUp, a gamified skill enhancement platform for accounting and finance professionals. Accounting students and professionals were brought together for the challenge to become educated and explore new accounting and record tracking technology poised to change the industry.

The challenge ran for two weeks, bringing together 183 students from over 34 universities. The students were grouped into teams of three with accounting and audit professionals from over 30 firms across the country. Participants were challenged with a futuristic mission of “learning blockchain to prevent the Cyberattack of 2040”.

Since 84% of accounting professionals either don’t know what blockchain technology is or they need to know more, TrueUp provided curated, educational content and links to blockchain resources to participants. The six-week program was divided into three blocks that built on each other to uncover the culprit of the Cyberattack of 2040. Due to the high volume of participation, teams were divided into two separate judging blocks with independent panels of judges.

Luke, Brian and Alex mentored three students from Iowa State University to third place in the Judge Block 1 Winners.

Learn more about the TrueUp Blockchain Challenge.

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