July 3, 2018

Anders Startup Client Spotlight on Final Thoughts

Each month, we offer our startup clients the opportunity to share their story and showcase their business in our Startup Newsletter. This month’s featured emerging company is memory sharing platform, Final Thoughts.

Name and company

Matthew Hansard of Final Thoughts

When did you start your business?

December of 2016

What inspired you to start your business?

I was listening to an NPR episode of This American Life and they were discussing people who are firm believers in the rapture and the subsequent ascension of the righteous.  I thought to myself “people who believe this would surely have things to say to those of us left behind” I thought of the idea of engaging organizations that have these members and creating a process for these members to give me the thoughts for the ones left behind and I would send these out.  Messages would be like “I was right all of these years…you should have listened to me” or “It’s never too late, salvation can still be had” I jokingly said to a friend…”I will have to promise to live just the very most debaucheries life to ensure that I will still be here to send these messages…and I will live that life…that’s how committed to my users I am.”  All and all that idea is a bit too snarky to work, but in those thoughts were the first glimmers of Final Thoughts.

What city are you based in?

St. Louis

What is your product or service?

Final Thoughts connects loved ones during and after life.  We encourage our users to become the curators and autobiographers of their lives. We have created a simple solution for sharing future memories and safeguarding your legacy. Using the dashboard, you can add documents, images, and videos; assign those memories to an individual or group, and at a future date be assured those messages will be delivered. Use our collaborative and secure lock box for sharing important documents with your trusted beneficiaries.

What sets your product or service apart from the competition?

While many of our competitors offer timed message delivery, vault, or advanced directives.  None offer all.  As we continuously see the systemic issue of the tech industry; they believe their tech can stand on its own two feet.  At Final Thoughts, we are a sales company with a tech idea and know we need to be at every conference, pitch off, and accelerator to create a valuation for this company.


What is the best business advice you ever received?

Don’t be afraid to show your ugly baby.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your business?

Imagine how you would feel to discover a message left just for you. Imagine creating a birthday message or a wedding congratulation for your child and having that delivered to them on their special day. Imagine sharing a story with a loved one and telling them how much they mean to you. Every day our users are creating content, not for today, but for the future…saying the things and sharing moments they will not be here to say for themselves.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I’m a big fan of mountain biking, long boarding, and spending time with friends and family.

If people want to learn more about your startup, where should they go?


Final Thoughts | Anders CPA Startup Client

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