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March 10, 2017

Anders Mission Possible Game Featured in Accounting Today

With nearly 200 Anders employees this Busy Season, we wanted a fun, collaborative way for everyone from partners to interns to relieve some stress while getting to know each other better. Tax Partner, Craig Campbell, and Tax Senior Manager, Adam Prest, invited everyone at the firm to play Anders Mission Possible, a set of challenges that must be accomplished by collaborating with other participants.

Each week, employees receive a new challenge randomly assigned to them, from dressing up as a twin with someone a level above or below you, to finding five people with more than four siblings. Once a challenge is completed, it’s submitted and graded for points based on completion and creativity.

Check out our video on slide 8 in Accounting Today on how Anders Mission Possible is bringing everyone together!

Watch our Mission Possible video to learn more.

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