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June 13, 2023

St. Louis Inno Partnership: 5 Traits That Could Turn a Good Startup into a Great One

An increasingly difficult Venture Capital investment environment has made raising funds a much more complicated process for many startups, particularly those still in the early stages. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, among other factors, has influenced VC investors to take fewer risks, leading to a funding desert for some startups. To overcome this lack of outside funding, startups should seek out internal ways to improve themselves and develop the traits that may attract success and, eventually, investment opportunities. Anders Tax Supervisor Max Goewert, CPA, explained the five traits a startup should develop to attract and retain customers while also enticing future investors.

Developing Traits that Drive Success and Increase Value

Max details the ways startups can differentiate themselves from the crowd, even when VC funding isn’t an option. He writes, “When your runway keeps getting shorter and there’s little additional funding to be had, it may be time to turn your attention inward to identify opportunities for growth your business can achieve internally.” Max also emphasized ways startups can connect and deepen relationships with customers to help fill in the gaps left behind by reticent investors.

Learn more about the traits early-stage startups should embrace and insights into how each can contribute to your startup’s overall success, read the full article here: 5 traits that could turn a good startup into a great one.

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