Discover Anders

If you’re interested in learning firsthand what it might be like to work in public accounting, look no further than the Discover Anders: A Day in the Life program. This two-day initiative provides students interested in becoming a CPA with the opportunity to learn about the workplace and explore career paths by meeting Anders accountants and staff.

By participating in this event, you will learn the differences between being a tax accountant and an auditor and the role of valuation in today’s CPA firms. You’ll learn about our involvement in the community and how technology and social media are being used in this profession. And you will gain experience that will help tie your education to your future. We’ve found that this is a powerful way to give students an up-close, personalized view of the accounting industry. It’s designed to help you make a more informed decision about your career. It’s also a great way for us to get to know you: if you’re Anders material, an internship or job offer may be in your future. Discover Anders is designed for accounting students following their junior year of college. Contact us to learn more about Discover Anders, or complete our online application under Current Openings.

2017 Campus Spring Recruiting Dates

Rockhurst University

  • 2/27/2017 - On Campus Interviews

Saint Louis University

  • 2/27/2017 - BAP Presentation - Forensics
  • 3/1/2017 - On Campus Interviews
  • 4/20/2017 - Meet the Firms

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

  • Campus Ambassador: Austin Bammer -
  • Campus Ambassador: Connor Obermeier -
  • 2/23/2017 - On Campus Interviews

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

  • Campus Ambassador: Abby McGrath -
  • 2/21/2017 - On Campus Interviews
  • 4/21/2017 - Golf Tournament

Truman State University

  • 2/16/2017 - On Campus Interviews

University of Missouri-Columbia

  • Campus Ambassador: Jake Sauer -
  • 2/7/2017 - Career Chats
  • 2/8/2017 - Mock Interviews
  • 2/15/2017 - On Campus Interviews
  • 4/27/2016 - BAP Spring Initiation Banquet

University of Missouri-St. Louis

  • 2/28/2017 - Accounting Club Presentation
  • 3/7/2017 - On Campus Interviews