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Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

1. How much cash does our firm have on hand? Do we know how much we’ll need in a month, six months, a year?

2. How does our firm utilize and manage debt?

3. What key performance indicators (KPIs) do we need to focus on, to increase cash flow and profit?

4. How do we structure partner comp so that it’s in alignment with firm goals?

5. What is the best compensation plan to provide our employees with the right financial incentives? 

6. How are we planning to minimize partner taxation and maximize cash flow? 

7. How is our firm recruiting and retaining talent?

8. How active is our firm in growing via mergers?

If you’re unsure how to answer these questions, schedule a free 60-minute consultation with us.

We’d love to learn more about your company and see if you’re a good fit for our Virtual CFO services for the legal industry. Fill out our form to the right to schedule a consultation with us.

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