July 6, 2023

Anders Recognizes 52 Promoted Employees

Anders is celebrating employee promotions from across the firm once again. Each year, the firm is delighted to announce promotions for individuals who deserve recognition for not only their professional achievements, but their willingness to embody the firm’s core values and ability to deliver exceptional results for our clients that create an impact on our entire community. Join us in congratulating our recently promoted employees and learn more about each individual by clicking on their name below to access their bio.  


Tammy Keller | Anders CPA

Tammy Keller, Audit and Assurance Senior Resource Manager

Raven Lawhorn | Anders CPA

Raven Lawhorn, Audit and Assurance Manager

Brenda Hall

Brenda Hall, Compliance Manager

Sandy Lane

Sandra Lane, Compliance Manager

Jordan Hauss

Jordan Hauss, Compliance Supervisor 

Brian Dimariano | Anders CPA

Danielle Bergfeld, Audit and Assurance Supervisor

Jack Dempster_AndersCPAs

Jack Dempster, Audit and Assurance Supervisor

Josh Labadie | Anders CPAs

Joshua Labadie, Compliance Senior  

Jessica Lyeki | Anders CPA

Jessica Lyeki, Compliance Senior  

Andrew J. Bennett

Andrew Bennett, Audit and Assurance Senior

Lily Dohogne | Anders CPAs

Lily Dohogne, Audit and Assurance Senior

Emma Eberhart | Anders CPAs

Emma Eberhardt, Audit and Assurance Senior

Will Edmunds | Anders CPAs

William Edmunds, Audit and Assurance Senior

Rachel Grimaud | Anders CPAs

Rachel Grimaud, Audit and Assurance Senior

Ryan Herrington

Ryan Herrington, Audit and Assurance Senior

Maggie Liddell

Maggie Liddell, Audit and Assurance Senior

Abby Sofia | Anders CPAs

Abby Sofia, Audit and Assurance Senior

Ryan Sullivan | Anders CPAs

Ryan Sullivan, Audit and Assurance Senior


Rebekah Tucker

Rebekah Tucker, Tax Senior Manager   

Elizabeth Watkins | Anders

Elizabeth Watkins, Tax Senior Manager   

Valerie Fohn | Anders

Valerie Fohne, Tax Senior Resource Manager   

Austin Bammer | Anders CPA

Austin Bammer, Tax Manager   

Christine Berzinas | Anders CPA

Christine Berzinas, Tax Manager   

Max Goewert | Anders CPA

Max Goewert, Tax Manager   

Savannah Greatting | Anders CPA

Savannah Greatting, Tax Manager   

Connor Obermeier | Anders CPA

Connor Obermeier, Tax Manager   

Dee Dee Veal | Anders CPA

Dee Dee Veal, Tax Manager   

Zeke Cassidy

Ezekiel Cassidy, Tax Supervisor

Evan Hosna

Evan Hosna, State and Local Tax Supervisor 

Bryan Carroll | Anders

Bryan Carroll, Business Accounting Supervisor 

Allison Bone | Anders CPA

Allison Bone, Tax Senior

Carolyn Boyer | Anders CPA

Carolyn Boyer, Tax Senior

Carly Garnett | Anders CPA

Carly Garnett, Tax Senior

Courtney Kernich | Anders CPA

Courtney Kernich, Tax Senior

Christian Kimble | Anders CPA

Christian Kimble, Tax Senior

Austin Miller | Anders CPA

Austin Miller, Tax Senior

Brittany Parker | Anders CPA

Brittany Parker, Tax Senior

Mariah Theves | Anders CPA

Mariah Theves, Tax Senior


Makenzie Loepker | Anders CPA

Makenzie Loepker, Virtual CFO Senior Accountant  


Rob Kotsybar | Anders

Robert Kotsybar, Technology Senior Service Manager

Lisa Holmes | Anders

Lisa Holmes, Technology Senior Cloud Engineer

Michelle Hulsizer | Anders CPA

Michelle Hulsizer, Technology Senior BI Developer 

Todd Mohr | Anders CPA

Todd Mohr, Technology Senior Systems Engineer

Corey Caldwell | Anders CPA

Corey Caldwell, Technology Senior Systems Administrator

Eric Callaway | Technology

Eric Callaway, Technology Senior Systems Administrator

Will Morris | Anders

William Morris, Technology Senior Systems Administrator

Katie Young | Anders CPA

Katie Young, Technology Procurement Specialist   

Denise Larkin | Technology

Denise Larkin, Technology Coordinator    


Sarah Beck | Anders CPA

Sarah Beck, Senior Human Resources Manager 

Jacob Bachta | Technology

Jacob Bachta, IT Senior Analyst  


Cindy Corwin, Front Desk Coordinator    

Stephanie Sikes | Anders CPA

Stephanie Sikes, Business Accounting Coordinator   

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