June 22, 2023

But Who’s Counting? Season 2 Episode 7: Marketing with Authenticity and the Choice to Stay Small with Katie Schenck of Ballyhoo Workshop

Flexibility has quickly become a buzzword in today’s post-pandemic society, and most companies can “talk the talk”, but do you “walk the walk”? Even before it was cool or mainstream, Ballyhoo Workshop empowered their small (but mighty) team with the flexibility needed to take care of business, both at home and at the office.  

Katie Schenck, founder and “Chief of Everything” at Ballyhoo Workshop joined host Dave Hartley on this week’s episode of But Who’s Counting to discuss the reasons she purposefully keeps her team small and how she built a marketing agency from the ground up to empower working parents. Katie explains why she embraced workplace flexibility long before it was mainstream to do so. The conversation also touches on: 

  • The importance of being authentic and genuine in a polished world 
  • Leveraging video and marketing pieces to share your story with your customers AND your employees 
  • Advice for executives nervous about taking the leap and getting behind a camera to produce video messaging 
  • How to find your balance with flexibility 
  • Finding opportunities to leverage ChatGPT  

I wanted to create a space, largely for women and working moms…Ballyhoo was really created in order to give people an opportunity to do what they love but in a much more flexible timeframe and environment in order to be able to live life the way that they want to.

Katie Schenck

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