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May 28, 2019

Make Better Business Decisions with Microsoft Power BI

When a company understands their data, they are empowered to make smarter business decisions. Accessing and utilizing your data has never been easier than it is with Microsoft Power BI’s immersive and interactive dashboards.

The Power of Power BI

Power BI is a collection of services, apps, and connectors that lets you connect to your data and create compelling visualizations that you can share with others. It also provides every user the ability to easily create their own reports. Users can connect to many varieties of datasets, both on-premise or from the Cloud. Take your data from platforms such as Microsoft Excel and MailChimp directly into Power BI to gather insights from your data.

Microsoft Power BI | Anders Technology Services

Built-in Insights and Language Queries Provide the Information You Need

Power BI’s key differentiators in the data analytics space take the product to a whole new level. The built-in insights engine automatically evaluates your datasets to present you with correlations and outliers you might not have been looking for. Power BI also allows you to ask your data questions using natural language queries to get immediate answers or create visuals. When Power BI is paired with the Microsoft Power Apps Platform, you can automate your business and set thresholds for your data to be alerted in real-time.

Two-Way Integration with Microsoft Excel

Not only does Power BI have major differentiators in terms of functionality, but it is built to integrate with Microsoft Excel. In fact, the first release of Power BI was based on Microsoft Excel add-ins like Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View. If you have worked with any of these, Power BI will look familiar. Not only can you export Power BI to Excel, but you can also reuse and publish your Excel files work to Power BI.

Access Reports from Desktop, Mobile or in the Cloud

Power BI allows you to connect to your reports/dashboards in three easy ways.

  • Power BI Desktop: Power BI Desktop is free application installable on your workstation that allows users access to data analysis and report creation.
  • Power BI Service: Power BI Service is a cloud-based online service that allows you to perform light report editing and collaboration for teams and businesses.
  • Power BI Mobile: Power BI Mobile applications allow you to interact with Power BI reports and visuals on your mobile phone on Windows phones and tablets, Android, and iOS devices. Access your reports anytime, anywhere.

All three options give you quick access to your reports. Some users start their process in Power BI Desktop where they can build relationships between their different data sources allowing the data to connect as one dataset. Desktop is also a great place to start if your data has any errors, or still needs to be molded. Once your data is ready to use you can begin creating your report with drag and drop features to create interactive visuals, whether you use Desktop or Service. With a Power BI Pro license, a measly $7 per month per user, you can access the collaboration features in Power BI and access your work from your mobile device.

Power BI Explanation | Anders Technology Services

The Anders Technology Services Group is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, and can make these functionalities come to life in your company. If you are interested in scheduling a Power BI Demo, attending one of our Power BI Dashboard in a Day events, or just learning more about Power BI and how it can help your business, contact an Anders advisor.

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