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October 12, 2023

But Who’s Counting? Season 2 Episode 11: Leadership Lessons on Conquering Adversity and Cultivating Company Culture with Eric Termansen of Western Retail Advisors

Reinvention. It’s what keeps businesses going and allows entrepreneurs to come up with creative solutions to increase profits and abandon strategies that don’t bring value. At the same time, business leaders must realize they can’t reinvent the wheel alone. It takes a team with a strong company culture to continuously find new ways to innovate. 

Host Dave Hartley sits down with Eric Termansen, Founding Partner of Western Retail Advisors, on this episode of But Who’s Counting? to discuss his journey from the corporate world of PetSmart to running his own commercial real estate brokerage. Eric shares inventive ways to shape company culture and encourage employees to take ownership of it. The conversation ranged from Eric’s beginnings at PetSmart to the struggles he endured while starting his own business to his outlook on commercial real estate. Topics discussed also include:  

  • Building company culture and making it more than just one big event, but rather dozens of little things leaders can do every day 
  • Handling the stress of being an entrepreneur while facing complications in your personal life 
  • The impact team sports had on his life and how it prepared him for challenges on and off the field  
  • How his involvement in the Vistage executive coaching group helped him evolve as a leader 
  • Eric’s retail outlook and insights around grocery stores, quick-service restaurants and online retailers 

“If you ever have an opportunity to own your location, that’s a fantastic way to deploy your capital…owning your own location or locations is always a good strategy for building long term wealth.”

– Eric Termansen 

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